#altnetseattle – Kanban

  • The two main concepts of Kanban is to keep the queues minimum and to maintain visibility.
  • Management/leadership needs to make sure the Kanban Queue doesn?t get starved.  This is key and also very challenging, being the queue needs to be minimal but also can?t get too small during the course of work.  This is to maintain maximum velocity.
  • Phases of the Kanban need to be kept flowing too, bottlenecks need removed ASAP when brought up.
  • Victory Wall ? I dig that idea.  Somewhere to look to see the success of the team.
  • The POs work in Rally or other tools for some client management, but it causes issues with the lack of “visibility” ? a key fundamental ideal & part of Kanban.
  • One of the big issues is fitting things into a sprint, when Kanban is used with Scrum, but longer sprints are wasteful.
  • Kanban work sizes are of a set size.

At this point I got a bit side tracked by the actual conversation and missed out on note taking.  Overall, people doing Kanban and Lean Style Software Development I would say are some of the happiest coders around.  The clean focus, good velocity, sizing, and other approaches that are inferred by Kanban help developers be the rock stars and succeed.

This is definitely a topic I will be commenting on a lot more in the near future.