#altnetseattle – Collaboration, Why is it so hard!

The session convened and we began a discussion about why collaboration is so hard.

  • To work together in software better us engineers have to overcome traditional software approaches (silos of work) and the human element of tending to go off in a corner to work through an issue.
  • It was agreed upon that software engineers are jack asses of jack assery.
  • Breaking down the stoic & silent types by presenting a continuous enthusiasm until the stoic and silent types break down and open up to the group.  Knowing it is ok to ask the dumb question or work through basic things once in a while.
  • Non-work interactions are pivotal to work related collaboration.
  • Collaboration is mostly autonomous of process (i.e. Agile or Waterfall)
  • Latency time should be minimal in the feedback loop for software development.
  • Collaboration is enhanced by Agile Ideals, and things like Scrum or Lean Process.
  • Agile is not a process, Lean and Scrum are process.  Agile is an ideal.
  • Lean, Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Six Sigma, CMMI, oh dear. . .

Great session.  Off to the next session and more brain crunching. . . weeeeeeee!