Austere Recondite

Austere Recondite is the official name for my latest one off project.  Click the links to check out the definition of each word, my intention being within the definitions themselves.  I also intend to post the Silverlight app available via my domain to provide a working example of the code in action.  With that, I’ll get to rolling.

First I downloaded all the latest bits for Silverlight 3 & Silverlight 3 Toolkit, because that?s what I intend for my interface.  Second I rolled straight into creating the solution, of course naming it AustereRecondite.  I added the projects I would need as shown in the image below, and then added the references as shown in the image below that.

Red arrows pointing to the NUnit references I added.  I placed these assemblies into a directory at the same level as the *.sln file called 3rd Party Assemblies.

Now that I have some framework to start with I will jump right into the old standard TDD approach.