Alright, Tool Chest Checkup Time

I’m working with varied technology stacks these days and figured it was a good time to throw a few questions and tool suggestions out to the community.  First, the tools list.

IDEs & respective plugins/addons

Some of the Main Bits I’m Using These Days

That is about it.  I am amazed, looking at this list, how minimal it has become even with the increase in technology stacks I’ve been working with.

4 thoughts on “Alright, Tool Chest Checkup Time

  1. I’d have to add Firebug to my personal tool list. For troubleshooting JS and inspecting HTML/CSS, it’s top notch. I’d hate to have to do much web development without it.

  2. Oh yeah. I actually use that too, totally forgot to throw the additional browser tools in the list. Will have to update and do a final post for my current tools in the near future.

  3. My toolchest is pretty sad, for these latest projects it’s been:

    Flash cs4


    Still finding the best stuff to use, need to get my hands on Coda, etc for working on my mac.

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