MsTest, NUnit, and ReSharper

With the recent upgrade the ReSharper 4.5 I’ve noticed two MAJOR things.  The first is that the speed is much improved.  This is a big plus when I’m on machines that can always use a little bit of a boost.  🙂

However the other thing that has been added, which I very much enjoy, is the fact that I can use the ReSharper Unit Testing Interface now with mstest.  This has been one of my biggest frustrations with mstest (aside form the fact that they’re slow, awkward, aren’t as feature packed, etc).  I still prefer NUnit, xUnit, mbUnit, or some other framework more than mstest but at least mstest is tolerable now.  Mstest is used in many shops, so now it won’t be as painful and slow to step into development in shops that use mstest – I’ll be rolling ahead full speed now.

On completely different topics…   code, code, code, code, code…