Parallel Work, HighBall on Parallelism

One of the things I try to do is to find parallels in my personal software development, professional work related development, what people are looking into currently, and then I try to wrap them all together.  Sometimes that means writing blog entries to increase knowledge about something or just hacking out a quick example or implementing a full application to implement for a client.

One of the applications I’ve used recently, HighBall, is a combination of personal motive, work related effort, and a combination of other things rolled into one.  As I work through its build out I’ll probably shift gears and priority a number of times.  Needless to say, it’ll be a bumpy ride for sure.  However, I do intend to keep it up and maintain a flow with the effort.

Some of the other work that has come up is parallel threading and processing.  This isn’t a high priority yet, but it isn’t a low priority either.  Work demands have encouraged me to look into processing, scaling, and wide horizontal scalability.  My interests definitely lead me to this type of knowledge expansion, so expanding it, it will be.