The Future of Technology, Cyborg Progress?

I've often said in the last few months, especially since Iron Man came out, that the interfaces used in that movie are what I WANT NOW!!!  Unfortunately, the technology we have just doesn't quit cut it yet.  But wait, does it?

While reading up on the upcoming Cyborg Camp (Dec 6th if you want to go, sign up now) there are two videos posted to the blog.

The first one is a video of Jamie Zigelbaum at MIT presenting a gesturing recognition interface.  I've seen similar things and have been fairly impressed.  What I really want to see is something smaller, without gloves, and at a very granular level.  I've seen some things in the past that are similar, and very granular, but the problem is cost.  This leads me to that issue, the early adopters can't even get at this stuff yet because of the cost.  This stuff so far is only for DIYers.  Things like Jamie's project however really give me a mood boost on progress.  I really hope to see things like this keep moving forward!

The second video is the reactable.  The table, with physical objects, is used to create a tonal music.  The variances and controls are controlled by the specific pieces on the table.  It is really interesting to see things like this, and it is definitely a little further along than the gesturing.