WebTrends Connect

I had wanted to go to the WebTrends Connect Seminar Event in Seattle, but since I'm working on future products at WebTrends I assumed I'd get a good read of the materials anyway. Amber Case & Ryan Summers attended the recent WebTrends Connect Seminar Series event in Seattle and I'm glad to see the information she's posted, it's a good read so check it out. It's always good to read reviews like this from Amber, she's really good at digging into parts of data often not treaded upon.

One of the major components of the seminar was "The 2nd Generation is Closed + Proprietary, whereas the 3rd Generation is Open standard-based". I'm super stoked to be working on that 3rd generation and can't wait to start applying what the future will look like when we can get this data together!

The entire industry really has pushed toward this over the last few years and slowly but surely (or maybe quickly depending on your point of view) we're all starting to converge on this fact. XML, Javascript, HTML, RSS, and more are out there to provide us connections to this data. The key problem is getting the data, and when we have the data getting it presented and filtered the way it is useful.

I'll have a lot more on this in the near future and some other unique articles on other blogs I'm writing for so stay tuned and I'll provide links to the topics.