If anyone out in the blogosphere is looking to purchase Team Foundation Server for a development group, don't. I've tried being all happy and uppity and effervescent about TFS 08, thinking that it might be smoother or more put together than TFS 05. I tried really hard, I wished, and I hoped. But wishing, hoping, and all that doesn't do a thing for the reality of it. TFS is not trustworthy, the oddities and ghost issues that just come up are ridiculous. When Subversion is so cheaply available (re: FREE) I don't see why the torture of TFS for the sole purpose of source control is needed.

Just today I was getting the latest, as one often has to do, and BOOM, I have conflicts. Mind you, my box didn't have a single file on it that was in any way remotely connected to source control. There WAS NO WAY TO HAVE a FREAKING CONFLICT! I honestly don't get it, how can Microsoft not fix this type of thing?

Anyway, I digress, at least no code (knock on wood) has disappeared yet. I have officially, after a mere 2 weeks of working with TFS Server become a non-fan and paranoid TFS User.

2 thoughts on “VSTS TFS 2008

  1. My boss had the same hope a few months back, so we converted one of our many projects over to TFS. After that maintenance cycle (and the start of a different project in TFS), we switched back to subversion + ccnet + random issue tracking/project management software for all our projects. For many of the same reasons you did.

  2. Yeah, I don’t think we have the ability to just convert out to something like that at this point. I would say though, it would drastically simplify our situation if we could though.

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