Reading for the Context of True Premise

So lean and agile are very similar, for all practical purposes the same thing.  I know this, I've studied them enough to be very aware of the fact.  To this end it appeared funny to me that Martin Fowl, and a follow up by Chris Sims, wrote articles about the fact that these things are so intertwined they are practically the same.

I honestly didn't realize that there was such a gap in understanding, and fortunately have not seen questions such as "Should I use Lean Software Development instead of Agile?"  This really begs the questions, do people know what they say they know?  Why do they speak and question before even attempting to review the premise, basis, and ideal of what something embodies as true?

Now I've come off as aloof probably, which is absurd.  I'm honestly asking these questions because I am honestly amazed at the gap of knowledge by those who should know these things or at least understand they should review the topic before blurting out questions.  The question above, "Should I use Lean Software Development instead of Agile?", could have easily been answered by about 3-6 minutes of reading.  Which would leave a much better impression and understanding of the similarities than someone answering the question directly.

Simple suggestion of the day: READ.

If this appears brash or aloof it is probably because I was up until 3am attempting to fix cluster @#$%ed code.

My brain is cooked, off to code more.  Cool