Document 2 Years Late :: Tip o' The Day

So I was messing around with ReSharper and I accidentally hit Ctrl-Q.  Amazingly I was hovering over the method I had just tossed some XML Comments on.  ReSharper displayed this awesome message with the documentation.

(Click to see the bigger image)

Anyway, you’ll notice the XML Comments, method name, and the display box I have all tagged with gigantic red arrows.  I couldn’t help but think, “check that out, way easier to read the green XML comments”.

Meanwhile a few hours later I was poking around Haacked and somehow stumbled into this blog entry.  Go figure, I’m only 2 years late on figuring out this nifty documentation trick.

…and that makes reason number 234,987,123,203 to GET ReSharper!  Otherwise, you’re spending too much time doing whatever you’re doing.