The Switching, BlogEngine.NET

Community Server is costly, elaborate, kind of cool, has a few skins, and blagh blagh blagh.  Out of all these things costly is a big problem.  Of course there is the free version etc., etc, but changing and modularity, ease of code readability, and other related items have caused me to limit what I do or do not build for my web site.  One of the biggest limitations has been the frustrating skins available for Community Server, at least the version I have.

All that said, Community Server is a 6 or 7 out of 10.  I looked at DasBlog and it is pretty decent too, probably a 7, maybe 8 out of 10.  But the one that is uber easy to setup, by far easier than those other two is BlogEngine.NET started by the cool man madskristensen.  This software, even though it doesn’t follow all of the particular standards and such that I might have used, is still a top notch and ridiculously easy package to setup.  Especially if one actually uses or develops with VS.NET.  It took me about 5  minutes total, including download time, to get the whole thing setup.

So over the next few weeks things might take a bit of a back burner while I build the ETL solution for getting the comments, posts, and other such infoz from the current site to the future soon to be site.

…so stay tuned.