Joel Spolsky, A Hero of Sorts

Ok, I don’t really know the guy, except that we both are rather hard core proponents of treating programmers, at least the really good ones the way they deserve – LIKE ROCK STARS!!

But Joel writes up some articles here and there and I find I agree with him on these points too, especially his article on (and on his blog here).  I’m all for a company being as productive and profitable as possible, as long as they don’t lose focus on why they exist (besides to make money and stay in business).  Starbucks is one of those companies.  I love the company, but over the last 2-3 years, with the help of Portland’s choices, I’ve all but cut out Starbucks from my expenditures. 

On that topic Joel diverges from software topics and hits up some Starbucks topics over on  So check out the article her wrote, and hopefully Starbucks will be checking it out too.  They really NEED to.

Sure sure, sometimes I still get a Starbucks, but most of my coffee money goes to companies that still get it about product.  The product is king (right after profits to stay in business, if you aren’t in business you don’t make the product anymore – it is NOT a chicken or the egg scenario) – companies can NOT forget this.

For real service and good coffee, from a place that doesn’t need to make up new names for what they do, check out Stumptown.  Truly pwning Starbucks in the coffee arena.


…and btw Joel, they’re (Stumptown) coming to New York, and I promise if you like coffee they are worth the trip (via Subway, probably the easiest way to get there).