More Team City Tools Goodies

The VS.NET integrated build monitor is great.  This thing helps you keep track of your latest changes, the status of the build, and other information right at your fingertips.  If you’re using ReSharper and NUnit (or other integrated test framework) you get even more functionality.

First just install the TeamCity Visual Studio Add-in Tool.  You can find it under the “My Settings & Tools” section of the TeamCity Web Application.  Make sure Visual Studio is closed.  You don’t want it flaking out on Visual Studio and doing an “almost fully installed” installation.  Those are never fun.

As usual, it’s a good idea to leave the path as the default.

Once the tool is installed open up Visual Studio.  In Visual Studio you’ll find another menu is available now.  Click on the TeamCity Menu.

You got one option at this point.  Login.

Once you login the command button bar will come alive with newly active command buttons.  This is where the coolness begins.

Click on the two buttons the red arrows are pointing to.

You’ll now have the Failed Tests and My Changes available at the bottom of Visual Studio.  On the My Changes screen you’ll have up to the minute status of the build, the current changes, etc.  This makes it super easy, without another single tool open to keep up with what’s going on with the build.