F*&! IE7


Open Letter to Microsoft…

I am thoroughly pissed at how ineffectively IE7 handles standard CSS, HTML, and ECMA Compliant JavaScript.  It is absolutely atrocious.  I recently put together a site that is compliant (it works in EVERY other browser out, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Konquerer) to these standards and now am stuck with IE7’s mystical “it doesn’t work” problems.  It places invisible “somethings” over things on certain web forms that won’t allow them to function because one can’t click on them.

In addition to that, on sites that REQUIRE IE, such as SharePoint and other Microsoft related sites Internet Explorer routinely just crashes.  No flash, no active x, just regular old CSS, HTML, and Javascript.  BWAM! CRASH! THUD! KUPLUNK!  Even Visual Studio 2008 produces tons of compliant CSS and HTML, and even Javascript, that IE7 doesn’t particularly work well with but Firefox, Opera, and Safari work spectacularly with.  What gives?

Please Microsoft.  You dev tools are top notch, the languages (C#, F#) are great, even the OSs are ok, and the usability on many tools is definitely pretty good (re: Office 07) – but PLEASE fix the blasted browser already.  I, along with thousands of other developers around the world, are sick and tired of this non-sensible mess.  It’s easy, just fix it.  There are thousands of MS employees, SOMEBODY should be able to fix these problems.