Hectic, Crazy, No Time

So I’ve been going nuts lately, literally not having even a moment in the afternoon for a beer after work.  Next week though I’m going to have a beer after work for sure!  The insanity of tons of work is ebbing finally.

The next big things I have going on that I’ll definitely be blogging about (the second the excess work subsides a bit) is WebTrends Analytics, definitely some of the ASP.NET MVC, and some other unit testing topics.  It has been too long since I’ve been able to sit back and actually concentrate on some of the current tech coming out and working more with some of the design patterns I’ve wanted to play around with.  In the coming days though I’ll definitely have that coming right here to this loosely coupled mess of a blog.

I’ll also have a few rants coming down the pipe soon, based mainly on Demming (the statistician) and how to and not to run a software project.

Smile [:)]