This Week in Newark, New Jersey

So this week I’m in Newark at a client site.  I must admit it is great to get out of the office and see WebTrends‘ Software in action.  In the office it is easy to get overwhelmed with the bugs, the development plan, the client services schedule, the team action, and the list goes on.  It is truly nice to get out and see what all this work actually comes to.

So far I’ve been able to work out some great key tagging strategies and plans for utilization of the warehouse product that we offer.  The reporting capabilities that the client will have, combining their internal technologies with ours, are unsurpassed in the analytics market.  Some of the ideas that I’ve talked about with the client are coming back with me for future prospective enhancements or services offerings.

One piece of software that works surprisingly well with the WebTrends Warehouse is Microsoft’s Reporting Services.  Between WebTrends Analytics and Warehouse, combining the data in SQL Server, and utilizing the Reporting Services Solution as a reporting add on to what is already included in the box pretty much allows a client to slice, dice, and pepper that data anyway they want to create the information they need.

I’m hoping to write up some of the cool solutions that can be built with WebTrends and the other 3rd Party Software out there.  As always, stay tuned and I’ll be posting soon.