Slave Labor != Productivity and Output

Scobleizer goes on a partial rant about slackers.  His correlations are all out of whack.  I’m not even going to link him as I feel he doesn’t need anymore publicity then he already has.

I still strongly agree with the Edwards W. Demming and the “Toyota” crowd.  You don’t slave away to get results, you work smarter.  If you can’t get your job done in a nice solid 6-8 hr day, then a 8-15 hr day of “busting ass” is NOT going to get the product done faster, better, or in a more solid way.  It usually just means there is a better way to get something done sitting around the corner. Sometimes those hours come up, but by all means they should be a rarity and not a commonality at companies.

To paraphrase, if the ground troops can’t do their jobs, the fault lies at the hands of management.  Good leaders can get almost any employee to be a great asset, it is all about positioning, and if that can’t be done those same leaders need to know when to pull the welcoming mat out and send em’ packing.

It sounds harsh, but it really isn’t.