The Important Things In Life and "Hearing the Dog Frequencies"

I’ve had it with my TV…

So I’ve about had it up to hear (imagine me placing my hand above my head to see what I’ve had it up to hear with…).  I’m sick and tired of the piece of crap ancient TV we have in the ole’ apartment.  Pending some cash flow in the next week or three, I’m doing away with it and getting a nice silent, non-dog frequency emitting, flat screen LCD 1080p wide screen TV.  Possibly with some cool add on stuff like an XBox 360, surround sound, and who knows what else.  This will happen, probably, about the same time that the move into the bigger place that has been scoped the last few months.  The space is sorely needed, the second room for an office is driving me as nuts as the old crappy dog frequency producing TV, so it is going to happen soon.


Cloud Control for .NET…

On another note, I’m looking for a cloud control.  Anybody have any suggestions?  A nice solid one with good properties and options, I’d prefer a free one, but a small price would be ok – $10-50 bucks.


F# and LINQ totally RULE!

I never realized it, several months ago as my friend and coding cohort Ryan coded away at some oCaml (I believe that was it) that functional programming was going to be in my near future.  Well, 6 months in my near future.  A few days ago I picked up an Apress book on F# and a few days after that I finally bit the bullet and got a LINQ book.  Over the last few days I’ve been digging through them both, I am absolutely stoked about becoming more adapt and quicker and laying down some of this code.  Functional programming combined with LINQ for data access is awe inspiring!  When I get good at it I think I might begin my evangelizing this pair for full scale development.  I’ll just have to wait and see, as my time I get to spend ramping on LINQ and F# combined is minimal, about 15-30 minutes a day at this point.


Way Back (Internet Time) in 2006 I Built a Blog Engine and Hosted my Blog…

I dug up some screen shots of it.  Which you can see on the right side of this entry. 

The one thing I was having a hard time figuring out back then was what needed to be done to allow post backs.  Well, I’m building a blog engine again, a simple one, that probably doesn’t even need post backs.  However, I’d definitely like to add them for a good kicker.  I hope that I don’t stumble like I did last time, it seemed there was about zero documentation on what the spec was.