Rough Couple Weeks

Just a note to any readers and a note to self about this particular first quarter of 2008.  I’ve been excessively busy, and it looks like I will be on through at least the beginning of April.  If things keep going this way it’ll definitely be some great accomplishments, but in turn my blog entries and quality of those entries is going down the drain.  So I’ll still be posting semi-frequently, just don’t expect any cool stuff about unit tests, MVC, patterns, or other topics.  For the next few weeks I’m going to be heads down getting some serious work accomplished.

2 thoughts on “Rough Couple Weeks

  1. good luck!

    i haven’t forgotten about the stuff you asked me to look at; i’ve just had a bit-worse-than-usual migraine for the last week or so.  If I get some free time over the next couple days, I’ll take a look.

    anything you want me to bring back for you from mix?

  2. I’ll take some gray matter, plus two extra hands so I can type on two keyboards!  🙂

    Other than that, anything stuff you get and cool stories I wanna see and hear about!

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