Cube Processing and Stuff to Do

Often I sit wondering how I should kill the time I have between cube builds and incremental builds.  Even when I have a minimal amount of data in a cube the sucker can take a couple of minutes to even 15-30 minutes sometimes to build.  It all really depends, but needless to mention, it isn’t instantaneous.

One of the things I do between long builds is actually build helper apps or just work through a random design pattern for practice while I wait.  Sometimes I will read tech articles or other internal documentation for products.  It all kind of depends.

Does anyone have other ideas on tidbits to keep a person busy between builds, that would be work applicable?

3 thoughts on “Cube Processing and Stuff to Do

  1. Blog.  That’s what you were doing right?  Sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt your street car of thought.

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