Clarity and Rambling

I sat down and re-read my last blog entry.  It might have come off in a way that I might not have wanted, but I’m 100% against deleting content or altering (except for spelling corrections).  Amended text or another entry are just fine in my opinion for correcting things said before.  It shows growth as an individual and pride with humbleness rolled into one.

Recently I’ve been studiously working on my various projects and thinking at work about what specifically I’m aiming for in my career, but also if I’m actually still aimed at what I intended to aim at.  It’s been almost 6 months now that I started at WebTrends.  My intention when starting, as per my reasons for hire, where to come in and work as a consultant for the Visitor Intelligence deployments, but also to work with other departments to setup best practices for customizations, deployments, and general consulting guidelines.  With my extensive experience with development technologies I am a perfect fit for this role.

However, things do change…

As soon as I completed the training sessions the senior executive management left/departed/was removed/wasn’t there anymore and a new team was put into place by the board.  All of which, fortunately for me, are top notch players.  This however had me uneasy for a few days, but fellow workers where euphoric about the new team coming in.  I’d say the vast majority of WebTrends people were not happy with what was happening before (re: top-down command and control managementwhich I’ve blogged about before).  So with that change came some pretty awesome events taking place at WebTrends.

WebTrends Change

First off, things got righted, and communication channels where opened up.  If you’ve read my last entry, you know that I believe in excellent communication.  It is vital, and something that had until recently been stifled.  It was awesome to see this ground swell of excitement kick off.  I could tell it had been bottled up just the way people began responding to each other, somewhat hesitantly at first.

Now the ship is sailing instead of listing.  For more on the changes, check out John Rodkin‘s entries on the crazy two months and management and company culture.  Some interesting tidbits about what is going on at WebTrends currently from someone’s perspective besides my own.  One other blog I know of is my current commander, Aaron Gray’s Blog – Great Returns.

I Doubled Up On Plans

About the time all of this started happening I started doubling up all of my efforts across my occupation.  Some of which I have as of yet to see or figure out how I want them to play out.  Two things that I’d like to tackle in the coming months.

The first thing is to get some training, brown bags, or “how to” sessions going here at WebTrends.  I’m not sure when I’d be able to teach them but I’d like to provide some type of training related to JavaScript, Beginning C# and maybe a second tier training on more object oriented C#.  After those classes I’d like to tackle some hard core engineering type classes that revolve around design patterns in C#, prospectively for the engineering group.  The last thing I’d like to tackle is SQL Server Analysis and Integration Services Training.

All of this training, with my normal workload at present, seems a bit of a stretch.  At current I’m consumed enough just keeping up with the current tasks and organizing around it to keep things flowing smoothly.

In addition to my regular work I have the almost booming business that a friend and I have been working on.  We have two projects currently and are making headway.  Not sure how or if it would ever take off but it definitely has potential.  One is a social networking site, with a niche (I can’t mention) that it fits nicely into.  The other being an advertisement services type site which could be very interesting.

Other Things and Ideas

So with all this on my plate I still lead a somewhat normal life.  Ok, not really.  I literally ride around on transit and write code, continuously read books, but do somewhat maintain a social existence.  Albeit it is by no means a normal existence.  There is no white picket fence, 4 bedroom house, two cars with a two car garage, nor do I or am I planning 1.8 kids.

I still would like to do or be several different things.  Run an IT department, lead a development group, manage the operations of a successful company.  The list could go on and on, but one would get the gist from those few occupations.  I almost feel like I did while in college, with an array of options before me, I needed to pick a direction.  For the last 7+ years what I decided I’ve stuck to that with a fairly strong perseverance.  But now that I’ve achieved what I set out to do from my humble beginnings in Mississippi I intend full well to expand and exponentially increase what I can do, achieve, and become.

Well, cheers to unregulated industries and the freedom we have in such.  I’m loving my career choices and hope things keep kicking along well.  Eventually over this year, of 2008, I’ll get my directions decided and move again with dedicated and strong perseverance.

Maybe one day I’ll get part 3 of my ASP.NET MVC tutorial up also.  That seems to currently be on the back burner at this moment.

For now, that is all.