Mid-Way, In My Last Week, a Bit of Pondering

On the train again, 6:07am, 2 minutes before the doors close, 3 minutes before departure.  These last few weeks have been really nice in the sense of the commute.  I’ve been taking the Sounder back and forth in the morning and afternoon.  On the train they have relatively comfortable chairs, the standard smooth train ride, and the kicker is the wireless that is available on the 3x, 4x, and 1x series cars.  It’s been reliable at least 85% of the time.

The nice thing about having a commute like this is that I can really catch up on post work e-mails, work related tasks, and other things like that.  On the other hand, it does consume an additional 2.25 hours a day.  In other words, it is awesome for a short period of time but on a daily ongoing basis, that level of time consumption is purely idiotic.  There is no reason for an intelligent person to eat up an hour plus of time each way to and from work.  But I digress, next week I’ll be down to a reasonable 20 minute commute with the Portland Streetcar, 18 minute commute with the bus, 14 minute bicycle ride, or 25 minute walk each way.  In addition each of those trip options is by numerous coffee shops, diners, restaurants, and other great places where the commute times just don’t even matter when one can make use of the time.

All that makes for a nice business case against the long commute.  But with that I’m diving back in the trenches with the troops, and get some code locked and loaded.

One thought on “Mid-Way, In My Last Week, a Bit of Pondering

  1. yeah, i had that same problem with the train — i’d need a full-on lazy boy to dig that commute for more than a few weeks.

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