Specialization Part II – A Short Declaration!

I feel like I’ve gone blog entry crazy today.  I’ve just had a few of these entries all queued up and ready to go, just not 100% baked and ready to publish.

Recently I made a blog entry about specialization.  Actually it was a few weeks ago.  But I was going to elaborate on it to clarify my current focus.  It of course might seem to change every few weeks or months, but in reality I do have a focus, it just covers a lot of various technologies and pieces.  The following are my current focus points.

  1. OLAP/SSIS/AMO and other Business Intelligence related technologies are currently my primary focus.  I have a decent bit of experience in the past with these pieces of technology.   With my new job coming up this has become more of a focus, instead of merely past experience and a spare time interest.  With a more business intelligence oriented career direction I am making a point to really focus and get specific detailed information into that brain of mine.
  2. Teaching and Mentoring are two things that I enjoy doing.  Not just teaching, but working in a team or group to learn and expand the knowledge base for fellow techies.  It doesn’t matter if it is a classroom setting or a work environment.  Taking the effort to impart knowledge on others helps me as much as it helps them to expand all of our respective bases of knowledge.
  3. Complete Website & E-Commerce Solutions from a full implementation vertical spectrum is also on my list of to do to expand bits of knowledge.  I’ve had several opportunities, and continue working on current opportunities to build out full vertical implementations of e-commerce and other related web sites.
  4. Graphics, Video, and Photography are one of my interests, passing and possibly income earning, that I am also focused on.  Currently these focus points are efforts that I work on when time allows.  Some of these items include my recent endeavors with Camtasia, Photoshop, and other such tools, along with pending purchases of camera gear & even video equipment.
  5. Blogging has become a more intense and expanding interest of mine.  I built a semi-working blog engine, threw that away and moved to Community Server, and am now making almost daily entries into the various blogs I publish.  I’ve even expanded my blogging to include Dogcaught.  Hopefully I’ll have some awesome photos to contribute to that site in the near future (see #4)!

Those are my primary concerns these days.  I hope to expand and become more specialized in each of these.  Possibly in the future operating some training classes or even mentoring sessions.