Smashed a Laptop?

I’ve been carrying my gigantic 17″ Inspiron 1720 around in a messenger bag lately.  The bag is alright, it serves the purpose of carrying the laptop, but not much beyond just the laptop.  It doesn’t offer a whole ton of protection either.  With those issues to resolve, I set out to purchase a truly hard core backpack dedicated to protecting and carrying my laptop.  But I didn’t want just some backpack, I wanted a quality backpack!  So the search for the gigantic Insprion carrying backpack began.

I immediately dove right into a Google search.  I came back with a whole bunch of standard run of the mill futuristic and rugged looking backpacks.  “Looking” being the key word in the description.  I really wanted to see some good honest to goodness opinions on blogs and stuff like that though, so I kept digging.  I finally stumbled upon Nick Hodges blog and his “My New Laptop Backpack” entry.

In the entry he mentions what appears to be a really top notch, American Made, Seattle based company called Tom Bihn which is owned by Tom Bihn.  I’ve been staying at the Pioneer Hotel on 1st and Yesler, and this place isn’t far from there, so sometime this afternoon on my way back to the hotel, I’m going to attempt to check out their showroom sometime during my last week of work (next week).  The only catch is I have to figure out how to get there before their 4:00pm closing!  Argh!

So far, even if I don’t get to the showroom I might just purchase one anyway.  After a thorough review of their web site I honestly believe the products to extremely high quality.  Hopefully next week I’ll make a purchase and have a full write up of their products.