WebTrends Here I Come!

I’ve officially signed the paperwork this morning!  I can now announce that I will be joining WebTrends in downtown Portland on October the 15th!  I’ll be working as a business intelligence analyst and looking forward to working on their various involvements with a great deal of companies.  I will be significantly expanding my skills with business intelligence, but also with C#, SSIS, SSAS, and other such tools.

I came to this decision after a lot of research into WebTrends,  who they are working with these days (from Microsoft to airlines), and where I would fit into the WebTrends‘ Business.


So looking back and looking forward together I’ll be utilizing some OLAP, BI, and other related skills that I haven’t touched in 1-3 years.  It will be great to get back into the work that is done with these tools, and especially to get face time with clients and travel to see how and in which ways the various clients utilize the software tools.

Look out over the coming days, weeks, and months for my normal barrage of entries regarding C#, patterns, architecture, and related development topics, but also soon I will be posting a lot more material on OLAP, BI, SSIS, SSAS, cube development, MDX Query Language, and probably a LOT more that I haven’t even thought about yet!

As for the WebTrends Products, check them out;  WebTrends Visitor Intelligence, WebTrends MarketingLab, WebTrends Score, WebTrends Analytics, WebTrends Dynamic Search, and WebTrends Open Exchange which brings together various business partners for content management, CRM, campaign management, and other key industry tools and applications.

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