Places to Think, a.k.a "My Third Place"

I got up after a development all-nighter a few days ago.  The GF and I hit the computers at about 10:00pm.  We both played WOW for a bit.  She kept up the adventures of WOW while I jumped into dev mode about 11:15pm.  From 11:15pm until 5:00am I coded away with .netTiers, Windows Apps, and trying out different scenarios with the various entities and database generations.

When I got up that morning and I was still in that mind set.  I got myself together just barely and headed out the door to my thinking place.  So what is that place?  I like to work, think, and ride the streetcar all at once.  For some reason it helps me keep my thoughts together and focused even when there are dozens of people getting on and off, conversations taking place, and all sorts of hustle and bustle.  I like being able to look out the huge glass windows and contemplate and see changing scenery.  Other places I prefer are coffee shops and various other places I’ll leave unmentioned at the moment.

I ponder sometimes, what are the places other people like to work aside from just the office.  Then of course, does anyone really like being in the office, some do, but I gather that many don’t?  I have mixed feeling about being in the office.  When offices are distractive, I generally like to grab a streetcar ride somewhere and get away from the disruptions, but if the office is calm and it is easy to work I don’t mind being where the other minds are working away on similar solutions.

I ponder what other’s places to think are?