Brainstorming Complete, Moving to Descriptive Write Up

I’ve finished what I wanted to of my basic diagrams.  I need to add the description of what I am trying to do now to elaborate what exactly the brain storming diagrams entail.  The following are the remaining brain storming diagrams that I’ve come up with that will at minimum, get my pet project started.

What I’ve done in each of these is prepare them, or complete a further sub-level break down of the primary modes for a particular mode type.  For airplane travel there is the break down into commuter, small aircraft, etcetera, and then the further break down to the specific Airbus, Boeing, or Beech Hawker Craft.  At some point the sub level data would probably be stored in a database but this is just brainstorming, so I’m just drawing simple correlations at this point.  The next step is to start breaking down specific elements, or scope, of what exactly my first application with this topic.  I have some initial elements for the design, some ideas for other particular applications involving scheduling, seating arrangements, etc.  I will move forward on this shortly and have an actual documented scope that I will start building to.