Long Night Programmer's Coffee

I got up super early this morning to knock some last minute code out before a deliverable was due today.  So here I am this morning about 4:45am wondering about getting some coffee.  Of course it is Portland and there are several places I could just up and go to, one is even within 10 minutes of walking.  But I just recently bought a bag of Peet’s Coffee and I’m in the mood for Peet’s Coffee.  So I start digging around for filters and all that jazz.

Well all of a sudden I run into a show stopper, I have no creamer, milk, or any other substitute.  So now I have to go to the store, but wait.  I all of a sudden have a strange developer type idea to use something that already inherits some similar values to sugar AND creamer!  I’ll use ice cream!

Thus I have ice cream sweetened and creamed coffee this morning.  I must say, if you like the taste of ice cream and coffee without anything in it, this is not a bad combination.  I might even try it when I have alternatives!  So without breaking my developer mind set for more than 5 minutes I make and have myself a cup of coffee.  With that cup of coffee sitting by my side I then continue with the coding trance!