I’ve been working with a standard .NET Windows Application and have had some of the oddest binding behaviors.  I seem to be getting “ghost” refreshes of data when exiting text boxes, and writes of previously entered data.  This got me thinking, why am I actually using binding?  It isn’t always the best choice and often times seems to be sub-optimal, especially when one has to programmatically keep up with the state of data anyway.

I’ve been looking around for some alternate patterns and ideas behind binding.  Is there any factories out there that take data and controls and produce a bound control?  Is there a pattern that would work for me to auto map data to controls without using the in place binding?  Either which way I’m contemplating just coming up with a “from scratch” solution for fun.

For now, I just wanted to randomly write about binding, to kind of work up a direction in my head to work forward with.  I think now though that I’m going back to troubleshooting the transit related application I’ve been working on.  So this inquiry…   …has limited interest…  …and will for a short period more.