DSDM and Recent Listens on InfoQ

On the InfoQ site today I’ve taken a listen to the “Agile Styles: Lean and DSDM” by Jean Tabaka.  DSDM was introduced by a group in Britain.  Jean gives a decription of where it came from.  Then the meat of the topic is brought up.

DSDM = Dynamic System Development Method

Jean goes on to describe the topic in some detail, laying out the bullet points.  I listened to a few others but cut those short as they weren’t as pertinent to what I am currently working on or interested in.

The next one I did listen to that was worth writing about was the Chris Anderson on WPF interview.  This gave some good history on why WPF was created and what the intentions are behind the platform.  The two coolest questions (and of course answers) that I dug where;

  • Is there a standardizing process that’s happening at Microsoft in regards to controls?
  • Where does Avalon start and Areo end?
  • Where does the intersection occur between rich and web clients?

He goes on over more than a few more questions.  Overall this is a pretty decent interview.  One of the last questions posed is about MVP/C and how Avalon and WPF are going to make it much simpler and useable instead of the “high science” that it currently is.  I believe this is good mostly with only a few negative points.  I look forward to Model View Presenter/Controller work with WPF in the near future!  It sounds like it should rock in comparison to some of the mundane effort that is required with current MVP/C technology from Microsoft.

So go and check em’ out.  They’re interesting and easy to listen to while you’re working (if you can multi-task) Surprise [:O]