Stored Procedures and Property Resets :: Tip O' The Day

Tip #1

As of a recent task I’ve had to go through and reset hundreds (literally, no exaggeration) of properties on some Infragistics Controls.  If you’ve ever worked with them you know how many properties and nested properties these controls have!  Well, lo’ and behold unbeknownst to me if you right click on the property there is a “Reset” option that will allow you to reset the property to the original value(s).

Tip #2 – Bonus Tip

If you’ve ever created stored procedures via the Database Project in Visual Studio you’ll notice that the default proc skeleton that is displayed has comments (or doesn’t depending on which version of Visual Studio).  This “template” file that Visual Studio uses is nothing more than a *.sql file located in the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\Templates\Database Project Items” directory with Visual Studio 2005.  Go in there and add your specific information to the file to cut down on stored proc coding time!