Primary Entry Focus

I was reading the great Neopoleon’s Blog last night and realized two things, I should add a bit more “pizzaz” (as they say on Dethklok’s Metacalypse) or A.K.A. personal diatribe.  Smile [:)]  I’ve been just kind of spurting out some overly general, random, off hand things and I’m going to push toward my actual 2 cents on technology, projects, and companies and also try to stick to more in depth articles.

So this stands as a warning!  Surprise [:O]

Thus my recent addition of the “rants” category will probably increase!  My category of “Discussion Points or Ideas” will probably also increase drastically as I have a lot of discussion points that would be interesting to begin.  So hopefully all 3 readers I have currently will enjoy my new directions, if not, my loss.  Sad [:(]