Fujitsu's Windows XP Load and IIS

About 11-12 months ago I bought a Fujitsu Laptop that had Windows XP pre-installed, as things go, it is a mediocre at best Windows XP Load.  It has what seems to be the required annoyance software from the manufacturer.  I tried reinstalling Windows XP Clean, but that didn’t seem to go so great.  Very annoying.  I’m not one to just give up easy so I tried to boot various ways and still no go.  I finally just gave up and reinstalled the “Factory CDs” that put all the regular proprietary crap back on the machine with Windows XP.

One of the main reasons I bought the laptop, which is now obvious I should have just waited and got a Dell, is to do development on the machine.  IIS however will not install with this particular version of Windows XP and whatever registry hacks/tweaks Fujitsu’s infinitely wise techies decided to make.  Everytime I try installing IIS I get some annoying registry error issue.  This is the second load on the machine so I know it isn’t “the current load” crap.  It just doesn’t work.

So with this being a MAJOR hurdle for the primary purpose of my laptop I think I’ll be getting/purchasing a copy of Windows Vista.  I played around with it a bit already and it looks rather nice.  If it is all it is cracked up to be, amid some of the media negativity, I’m thinking it might be a wise investment.  The only problem next is to dig up the obscene amount of money for it and whatever else is requisite I get, such as a virus scanner that is compatible with Vista.

Hmpf.  A developers woes, never ending.