Scope Alterations, and Transit Engines

Several times on my current project there has been push back and push forward on architecture decisions.  For instance the NxBRE solution, which I was stoked about working on, has gone away.  I am now creating a row based database result set processor instead.  It wouldn’t be my first choice in management of unknown rules but sometimes you take the tasks and just run.

With that I will continue my future writings on topics pertaining to my personal project of a Transit Engine.  What I mean by a Transit Engine I will ellaborate.  I am breaking down the technology, politics, economics, and function of transit services, including single occupancy vehicle modes such as automobiles, and building an object model, prospectively an API/SDK, application, and other pieces that will be able to work together to model logistics and transportation around various areas of the world.

So stay tuned and I WILL have some model objects, diagrams, and other cool info related to my ongoing project.