Web 2.0 Sites

I know, I know.  Most people I know would hear me say “Web 2.0 site” and give me that look of, “you do know that’s basically arbritrary and superficial marketing hype for the new startup sites?”  Yeah, I know.  But it’s a good descriptive word for exactly what a lot of these AJAX enabled, responsive, custom content, custom to user needs, based web sites are.  I’m sure there is some specific defintion out there for Web 2.0 sites but right now I’m just going with the above description.  Web 2.0 sites based on the features I listed are awesome sites.

With that I’m gonna stick a list of sites below that I’ve found recently.  Each of these sites has Web 2.0 Criteria.

  • View the Linked In SiteLinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great website for keeping your business (and friends/psuedo business) contacts together, but also connecting past them into their networks.  View Adron Hall's LinkedIn profileView Adron Hall’s profile.


  • meebo – Meebo is an online instant messenger client.  Basically go to their page, sign up with a Meebo account, then register each of your current instant messenger accounts (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Jabber, ICQ, and Google).  When you go to the page and login it logs you into each of your accounts.  No more need for downloaded clients, reconfiguring the clients on each seperate machine, etc.  Just go to the site, on whatever machine, wherever your at, and login!


  • jobburner – Job Burner is a site that has affiliate links to the jobs and pays out to link ins from other sites.  Right off the bat it has some really nice AJAX implementations that add to the functionality of the site.  It also detects your location and states how far you currently are from the job listing.


That’s it for now.  I’ll be commenting on new sites as they pop up.