Crunch Week 30 Minute Break

I've been working dilligently this week to get a deadline met for x amount of functionality.  So far, the team is well over 50%, most likely past 80% without much doubt, and nearing 90%+ of the functionality done.  But with all this working, I've already knocked out over 50 hours and Thursday isn't even over, and I'm feeling a little rough around the edges.  With that in mind I decided to drop my dilligence for a few hours, play some WOW, and dig up some research on web CSS layouts.

In the past I've used a couple different sites for layout and graphic design for pages I've put together.  The primary sites include;

I decided this time I wanted to know more and to really dig into some of the specific differences between browsers and such.  I wanted to be able to complete a layout off the top of my head without looking back and sample sites.  Not that it is a bad idea, but I wanted something custom.

With that I hit up ole' trusty Google.  Of course with just a few variations of the words, "CSS", "layout", "graphics", "design", and others I plummeted into a plethora of sites that have awesome examples and tutorials.

All in all it was a good 30 minute break from endless hours of troubleshooting, coding, refactoring, and general brain usage.  Now I just need that next 30 minutes fix to put something together that I'll like.

Back to work, back to work!