Project 987,345,234,109,234

Ok, so I don’t really have THAT many projects.  But sometimes it seems that way.  Soon I’ll be starting on the second phase of my personal “Travel Tracker” application sets.  Currently I have the web application completed (with no where to host it currently, community server which this blog utilizes kinda kills any other web apps via an HTTP Handler or something, maybe I can pickup the SDK and add to it, but for now I’m not going that route), the core of the Smart Client Software Factory pattern Web Application created, and am working on a basic Windows Application.  When all three of those are complete (at least the Web and regular Windows Apps) I’m going to start working on path finding and travel tracking of vehicles via dedicated and non-dedicated routes (i.e. open space path finding & rail/road track path finding).  My research begins today for this project and looks like it could be monstrous in size and intensely interesting.

In the next 3-4 weeks I will have a zip of the project files for the Web & Windows Applications hosted on the root domain file shares (