Tech Motives

So recently I’ve had a gluttony of technology writing laziness!  I’ve been working on and off for about 2 weeks on part 3 of the CAB & SCSF tutorial.  Eventually I’ll sit down and get going with that again so I can get it produced, shiny, and posted.

In the interim I also am putting forth efforts for other various design pattern, software architecture, database, business intelligence, and related how to entries.  I also in the near future intend to start producing these documents in Word, PDF, and other formats to provide for easier print out for reading, teaching, or other needs.

One of my other entry categories that I promise I’ll get posted up here soon is the additional application designs and builds that I’m putting together.  Currently I’m working on the simple Travel Tracker Application, which is what the CAB & SCSF Tutorials are based on, but soon there after I intend to start several new projects, some web based, some “possibly” CAB based or Windows Application based, and most certainly whatever Microsoft actually puts together for their XAML based products.  At some point if they pull that off I’m sure I’ll end up with a whole bunch of XAML based applications.  But for now…

…stay tuned and I’ll get these entries going soon.