Travel Tracker Application (Pt. #1)

So I’ve started documenting a super simple application I’m going to create.  The application simply keeps track of the mileage one records when travelling.  Certain facets can be used and I intend to implement some standard data entry apps via web and windows, reporting, and a schema & architecture diagram.

So far I’ve created these initial documents outlining what I am going to create.

With that I’ve started creating the application and will at the same time create supporting documents for the application so that others can download the code and build onto it if they would like to.

As I got these files uploaded I also setup a few Team Foundation Server Work Items to keep track of the tasks.  Of course there are all of the default tasks that are listed as soon as you create the Team Foundation Server Project and I’ve just left them there with the intention of using them for further documentation and tracking purposes too.  Mainly to make sure I finish all the pertinent documentation.