July 27th of 06'

So I started with Centerstance on the 27th of this year.  We’re really getting into crunching some code at this point of the project and I’m still having a blast.  Tacoma even has its plusses, mostly just the fact that the crew I work with is awesome and great fun to chill with “post code hours”.  This last week has been rather spectacular with a few wines, a port, some custom built scotch, and some great conversation ranging from code to the “P” word I’ve got to say WOW, amazing gathering of senior talent and like minds.

We’ve made it through our first iteration, Eric Peterson and myself leading the spearhead in the assault to take the application beach head.  Reid held up the rear with the heavy artillary cranking out the final DAL implementation and search integration.  We now have increased our force by two more great developers; Aendenne and Shilander (spelling?).  We’re all rounding out a few rough corners we all have with various pieces of technology (namely that ole’ CAB/SCSF/MVC/MVP Pattern stuff).  By the end of this month though we’ll be one o’ the 31337 teams of the north west without doubt.  Cheers to our further successes and a hearty welcome to all new team members.

P” == Politics