Provoking the Parietal, Temporal, Occipital, and Frontal Lobes!

I love starting the week provoking my mind into some intertwined, interlaced, involved, composition, and a nice dose of craziness in my music. So for this Monday, here’s the weekly prescription. Gojira…

From the lands of Canadia, here’s some In Vertigo by The Agonist!

To wrap up today’s trio, here’s a classic The Underground in America covered by Leo and Ola Englund!

Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of March 6th 2017, on Tuesday the 7th!

Obviously it isn’t Monday. But sometimes you go to a show on Sunday and you’re recovering on Monday and writing a blog entry just isn’t a priority. But in that vein, here’s the line up for the Bound by the Road Tour I dived into the pit with my brother this last Sunday! It was a truly brutal fight, loved it!

K’atun >

The Agonist

Until next, happy thrashing code!