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Thrashing Code Metal Monday for Week of February 13th, 2017

I’ve been getting a fair dose of New Orleans cajun grub lately so I went back to my roots and picked out a few bands from NOLA (That’s New Orleans, Louisiana FYI). Be prepared, NOLA Metal is a special level of sludgy heaviness and growl combined with some slightly psychedelic melodies thrown in.


With that, enjoy your coding heavy Monday metal!

Top 3 for Spotify

https://embed.spotify.com/follow/1/?uri=spotify%3Aartist%3A3xtIpqzIOfQUxKce8BU4Ka&size=detail&theme=dark https://embed.spotify.com/follow/1/?uri=spotify%3Aartist%3A1m0B9ak05G0jqDY4ACLhQu&size=detail&theme=darkhttps://embed.spotify.com/follow/1/?uri=spotify%3Aartist%3A5kuYamMO00pHPdRQcAXWTl&size=detail&theme=dark

Top 3 Videos for Youtube