Pricing Calculations for Work & Projects

Recently I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the job market as I go through the finding, hiring, and gaining customers routine with a number of different companies, recruiters, and individuals I know within the industry. Conversations kick off a million different ways. In this post I’m going to tackle how I work pricing of a job for myself. Many companies have some criteria based on what others in the company are paid and someone in human resources often has some spreadsheet or whatever that tracks this stuff. This is the flip side of the coin, this is my pricing list. It’s really simple, it’s based on what I’m looking for in life and what a company can give me, which in turn dictates what I can do for a company and aligning with what they want too. In the end, this helps insure we both get a win out of the relationship. Continue reading “Pricing Calculations for Work & Projects”