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Lenovo x1 Function Key Combinations (Notebook)

F1 key when ThinkPad logo comes up, to enter the BIOS
Fn + F2 Lock your computer. Alternatively, a quick press of the power button will also lock your computer.
Fn + F3 Select a power plan that has been created by Power Manager, or adjust the power level by using the slider control.  Power Manager, allows power settings to be adjusted to give the best balance between performance and power saving.
Fn + F4 Put the notebook into sleep mode. To return from sleep mode, press the Fn key.
Fn + F5 Switch Wireless devices on/off.
Fn + F6 Launch the camera and audio settings window and the camera preview is turned on.  From this window, you can change the camera and audio settings.
Fn + F7 Switch between notebook screen and external display.
Fn + F8 Decrease display brightness.
Fn + F9 Increase display brightness.
Fn + F10 Previous track/scene.
Fn + F11 Play/Pause.
Fn + F12 Next track/scene.
Fn + Space Switch backlit keyboard On(low), On(High) and off.

Volume and mute buttons

These buttons are to the right of the keyboard.

1. Switch Microphone on/off.
2. Volume control button.
3. Switch built-in speaker on/off.

31 thoughts on “X1 Carbon Combo & Shortcut Keys

  1. On the log in screen under the password bart it reads “locked” When I enter password and log in the pages look normal, but are non-responsive when the cursor enters commands. Start up menu opens and I can type letters into the search bar, but again its non-responsive to cursor commands.

    1. I’m still not sure what you mean. Which login screen? On Windows 8 or Linux? On some other operating system?

      These commands should work based on the default Windows 8 image that Lenovo sells installed on the X1.

  2. what is the shortcut for “print screen”?? I am running Windows 7 on the X1 Carbon Ultrabook. They got rid of the actual print screen button. I would be using this w/SnagIt. Thanks.

      1. There is a short cut to the snipping too. It located in 2 of the 4 FN menues. It a Scissor with a dotted loop around itn. Right above the 9 key.

  3. Anyone find other options besides snipping? Snipping tool does not help if you are trying to capture dropdown menus for process docs. Executing snip closes the dynamic lists.

      1. The Fn key is just above the Esc key. It’s a soft key, the first one. FN-T does a Print Screen and ALT-FN-T does an active app screen capture.

  4. total x1 newbie question here, but i am a longtime lenovo user (switching from the x220) and finding an answer to a seemingly simple question is proving super difficult: how do i get the function key functionality listed above. when i press the function keys, nothing happens. all of the other adaptive hotkeys work – volume up, down, etc. but I get no action from the regular function keys. Do I have to assign them? Help?! I’m way to reliant on alt-f4 and function f4 to put my laptop to sleep to go without them… thanks so much.

  5. Fn key is a soft key above the Esc key on the “touch” bar. This is only trye for X1 Carbon with soft function keys. If you can’t find it you have an older version of Carbon

  6. FN is located just under the left hand shift button. Print Screen is located on the second button to the right of the space bar and is labeled “PrtSc”. The majority of the function keys only work when you are in the OS and the software for those keys is loaded. Lenovo calls the software “Hotkey Features Integration” and obviously it doesn’t exist for every OS out there. As for print screen with tools like snagit and others, you can usually set the screenshot button to whatever you want it to be. The default keystrokes for Windows are ALT+Print Screen to capture the active window and just Print Screen to capture the whole display. And just for good measure, Duane’s issue was just Windows being stupid (assuming it was Windows), he just needed to reboot. His situation is usually caused by an application stealing all of the memory or CPU time. When he reboots, he’ll see what OS he has.

    Sorry, all of this was making my head hurt. Adron, thanks for your efforts. Everyone else, he said he’s not a tech, give him a break!

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