Moving Enterprise Practices and Development to Open Source

Moving software development in the enterprise into open source, with the practices and visibility has huge benefits but also comes with huge hurdles to overcome. In this talk I’ll elaborate on the trials and efforts undertaken to move much of the code @ Home Depot to open source practices and models. Getting there is still in process, but the advantages have already begun!

In this talk I’ll tell the story of our efforts at Home Depot, and provide bullet points and suggestions for helping you to achieve the move to open source practices in your enterprise. The benefits are huge, and overall it’s a lot more fun to boot!

Key Points:

  • Steps we took to get into the open.
  • Practices to take up and start using.
  • Things to avoid when moving to open source models.
  • How to make the most of things for the community and the enterprise.
  • Tooling, interoperability, services, and how to get it done.



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