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I’ve done this presentation, the first iteration of it, at PADNUG on September 4th of 2012. I’ll be giving it a few more times at a number of places that I’ll list here in the future.

How does this fold into my work on PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)? Easy, with the cloud computing capabilities of PaaS and IaaS it makes continuous delivery a no brainer. At least 50% of the effort to get continuous delivery setup is already done with these technologies. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a lot about these technologies and the enablement of continuous delivery through these technologies. Just as important as the technology, I’ll also be talking about the processes, ideals and lean thinking that have birthed this tech.

In my presentation I covered a lot of these ideas and efforts. For now, here’s my slide deck with all the information to contact me. If you’d like me to pop into your town and present on these topics, just let me know and we’ll see about me getting onsite.

After the PADNUG I tweaked the presentation a little bit and got it into this version.

This version of the presentation I originally gave at the Software Craftsman’s meetup in Seattle, WA. This was an audience that worked with very polyglot solutions, ranging from Node.js to .NET to Java. In future speaking engagements I’ve set this up to be catered specifically to the language of the audience. So sometimes it will have a bit more of this language or framework or that one.

I leapt into the tooling on this version that makes continuous delivery workable and how to set it up with various languages all while providing examples with an existing continuous delivery process that is setup around the Thor Project (

After the presentation in Seattle at the Software Craftman’s Group I made a few tweaks to the presentation for the HTML 5 Developers Conference. That presentation is provided below.

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