Finally Solidified, Twitch Scheduling

twitch-logo-sizedIt’s been a year plus now that I’ve been streaming on Twitch (FOLLOW on the channel, it’s free not a paid subscription or anything). At points it has been weekly, sometimes every other week, sometimes every day of the week, or in some cases even more intermittently or frequently. The schedule, considering, has been kind of ridiculous. But that has now changed.

In time for this finalization Twitch also has reintroduced an actual schedule functionality to the site, albeit it’s in preview. So maybe in the next week or two that along with many of the other features that are in the Twitch pipeline will be available. For now though, here’s a screenshot of that preview schedule screen. Kind of cool!


I didn’t really push to get the word out that this current scheduling would be *it*. The reason was I simply wanted to succeed at it for a few weeks before I declared it the winning schedule. But here we are now, this is the schedule.

Tuesday and Wednesday at 3:33pm and 4:30pm on Friday are going to be *the* days I get into some coding. Other topics I’ll filter in over the coming weeks and months as this Coronavirus thing starts to become the new world order.