Cobra + Viper Go CLI Sample

I just released a Go Cobra + Viper library CLI App sample app here. Here are the main up to date details as of release today.

The app example is using the Cobra and Viper libraries for Go. This application provides commands (per Cobra) to read, write, update, and delete configuration records from a configuration file using Viper.

Using the example CLI App.

<cli> config -h provides the following documentation for using this CLI App.

Available Commands:
  add         The 'add' subcommand will add a passed in key value pair to the application configuration file.
  delete      The 'delete' subcommand removes a key value pair from the configuration file. 
  update      The 'update' subcommand will update a passed in key value pair for an existing set of data to the application configuration file.
  view        The 'view' subcommand will provide a list of keys and a map of the values.

  -h, --help           help for config
  -k, --key string     The key for the key value set to add to the configuration.
  -v, --value string   The value for the key value set to add to the configuration.

Currently I got this to work but it isn’t in the best shape. Check out the code here.

Get Involved, Add Samples, Make Requests

If you’d like to get involved and add samples or make request for additional samples please file an issue here!

If you’ve found any bugs or issues with the code please file a bug report here!

Examples, The CRUD!

./cli config add -k "blog" -v "" example writes a record to the configuration file with a key of “blog” and a value of ““.

./cli config view displays the contents of the configuration file and CLI specific environment variables. These are the configuration files located in the .cobrae-cli-samples.yml and environment variables prefaced with COBRACLISAMPLES. The list of keys is displaced first and then the keys and values are displayed below that.

./cli config update -k "blog" -v "not found" will update the blog entry in the configuration to read not found for the value.

./cli config delete ... will delete the key and value from the configuration file.

Building the Project

Following a fairly standard clone, one can build this project with a single step using the ./ file. If you’d like to contribute the same for Windows, feel free I’d be happy to pull that PR in. Once the project is built use the CLI as defined above.

Installing the CLI App

This application can be installed as a CLI app by referencing it’s location in your bash (powershell? etc) startup script.