A Classic, Groovier, Stonier, Grittier Metal Monday for ya, This Week of Monday the 25th of March

This last week got a ton of stuff done in spite of the season changing allergy onslaught! Meetup recorded on “Does the Cloud Kill Open Source?” with Richard Seroter and got several new meetups lined up with, as always, solid speakers. The meetup continued on into the evening to McMenamins for drinks and food, and great conversation into the night. The topic brought up a lot of things and just let me Lay Down my Burden.

Then the week continued with more craziness, grooving to code and trying to manage the inability to deal with the seasonal allergy eyes, rivers flooding out my my eye sockets! But hey, a groovy tune by Stoned Jesus and cutting the lights while I hacked away on my upcoming talk for DevOps Days VancouverArchitecture Guidance for Venomous Database Reliability Engineering” worked out pretty well. So much so I’ve got the initial slide deck down now (Monday the 25th!!) and am just shining up some code samples and demos now!

To wrap up the week I found myself also listening to some more groovy stoner doom metal from Conan. Here’s a little Volt Thrower.